As cancer can manifest in many different ways, a multimodality treatment approach is often employed, incorporating the use of surgery, chemotherapy, adjunctive medical treatment and radiation (courtesy of Liverpool University). As a result Allison & Chris work closely with other disciplines in the practice in order to create the best treatment protocol in each case incorporating both traditional and innovative cancer treatments.

Rutland House Referrals Oncology service accepts referrals for both the diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancer

Diagnosis of suspected neoplasia incorporating the use of:

  • * Imaging including advanced imaging techniques (CT)
  • * Clinical pathology including cytology

Clinical staging tailored for specific tumour types 

Advising owners of therapeutic options and prognosis and guiding them through the decision-making process.

Chemotherapy, including:

  • * Traditional chemotherapeutic protoc
  • * Metronomic chemotherapy for solid tumours
  • * Molecular targeted therapy for mast cell tumours
  • * Vaccination as adjunctive treatment for oral melanoma
  • * Intracavitary chemotherapy administration

Surgical oncology, involving collaboration between our oncology and surgery departments 

Radiation therapy recommendations 

Palliative and adjunctive treatments, including the use of alternative medical therapies as well as pain relief options.

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