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Pro Bono Scheme Testimonials

Rutland House Customer Satisfaction

Gizmo's Story

bob In October 2016 my staffie, Gizmo shattered his left leg. I was unable to find anyone who would do the surgery needed and was facing having to put him to sleep. My local vet got in touch with Duncan Midgeley at Rutland and he agreed to do it. Not only did he operate successfully but also helped with getting my finance in place. The service I received was brilliant , all of the staff were so helpful and kind. In January of this year Gizmo went lame in his right front leg and I returned to Rutland to see what they could do. Due to personal circumstances I was unable to raise all of the finance needed for the operation and was again faced with euthanizing my dog.

bob Duncan and Rutland offered to help with the cost of the operation through their pro bono scheme and I was able to raise the balance needed. Gizmo was again successfully operated on. Without the staff at Rutland Referrals I would have lost Gizmo. I cannot praise Duncan or the staff highly enough. The care and support they give to both animals and owners is second to none.

Both Gizmo and I will be forever grateful to them.
With much appreciation Salli and Gizmo

Bob's Story

bob Here's Bob our 3 year old playful friendly Staffy. Bob hurt his left leg at the beginning of summer whilst playing on sand dunes at the beach. Whilst Bob was not severely injured he was discomforted and over time he lost some of his shine.

He was x rayed twice at the local vet and had to be sedated on both times as his playful nature meant he just wouldn't keep still. Bobs nature meant the more he wanted to play the worse his injury got.

bob We were referred to Rutland house who were professional and thorough in helping me find what was going on.Their vet felt Bob had a stray piece of bone floating in his joint, a CT scan was needed and probably a procedure.
The price of this was unattainable to me, working means i was unable to claim any assistance for him, and whilst I could raise some cash I would not be able to pay all the fees.I was left in a situation that i know no dog lover would want to be.

Bob is my best mate and part of my family, he is there at the end of every day to greet us all, he protects my home and does all this wanting little in return except for a decent meal and a good spot on the couch. I considered giving Bob up so he could be treated as he deserved and this is a decision I would never be able to get over but just didnt know what to do such was my desperation.

Rutland house did something amazing for Bob, me and our family by getting us in the probono scheme. They gave amazing treatment all the way, and Bob was back on the mend in a short space of time. He is desperate to get of his lead for a run and a sniff and we are hoping he will not have any major problems in the future. Bob has got his shine back and is enjoying his spot on the couch. thanks

Ralph's Story

Gertie hug Hello, my name is Ralph and I am a rescue dog. My new mum and dad have given me a loving warm home where I have hours of fun and walks. On one of my favourite walks up on Frodsham hill , I fell over the edge of a sandstone cliff falling 12/15 feet. My Dad rushed me to my vets in Helsby (Vets Helsby) where I had to have an xray, the xray showed that I had broken my right front elbow, sadly the pet insurance that my mum purchased for me wasn't due to start until two days after I had my accident, making it invalid, but Rutland House Referrals gave me a

Fixator second chance at life, thanks to their Pro Bono Scheme. It is now four weeks since my operation and I am on the road to recovery and doing very well. I would like everybody to know what a wonderful job you all did in rebuilding my elbow and it is thanks to you guys that I am still with my mum and dad and doing very well.

So thankyou so very much for giving me a chance under the Pro Bono Scheme. LOTS OF LOVE FROM RALPH and my Mum and Dad. xx

Gertie's Story

Gertie hug We can't thank Rutland House enough for what they have done for our kitten, Gertie. They have literally saved her life. She had a serious trauma to her diaphragm which meant she couldn't breathe properly. Our vet suggested that we may need to think about putting her to sleep.

Watching her during the first couple of months of her life have been so difficult. She couldn't lie down properly, couldn't eat very much and even though she tried to play with her brothers and sisters, she couldn't really do it because it was just too much effort for her. Rutland House have been amazing and they really do care about the animals.

Fixator The surgeon (Jan) even thanked US for giving Gertie a chance of life!! It was a complicated operation and Rutland House made us feel so assured right the way through. They kept us updated every morning of Gertie's progress and allowed me to visit her in hospital. The vetinary nurses were truly wonderful and it's clear that it's not just a job to them, they really do care. Gertie is now back home and she's a different little kitten. We really can't thank you enough for saving our little Gertie's life".

Fixator She runs everywhere, loves her food and is constantly running after her brothers and sisters to get them to play with her. She rarely stops purring and every time I see her curled up or lying on her back (which she couldn't do before), I feel like it's a little miracle.

Fixator She's one lucky cat and she wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for the wonderful people and care she received from Rutland House.

Rodney's Story

Fascinator Rodney is our miniature Dachshund who had suffered from a slipped disc in his back that had nearly filled his entire spinal column. He was in an awful lot of pain and had become withdrawn and miserable; losing interest in his family and his toys and spent the duration of his time resting and sleeping. He wasn't the beautiful boy that we knew.

FixatorLuckily, Rutland House Vets offered to take his case and thanks to this wonderful veterinary service and their hard working staff, especially the Orthopedic surgeon that worked tirelessly.

Rodney is now the joyous, fun loving dog that he once was. He is perky, he is social, he is loving and best of all, back to loving his chew toys and playtime!

The entire family cannot thank Rutland House vets enough, you have given our baby his life back and for that we will be forever grateful.

Katie's Story

Fascinator Makants Greyhound Rescue is a charity based in Tyldesley . The aim of the charity is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home retired and injured ex racing greyhounds.

Recently one of the greyhounds in our care suffered an accident and sadly slipped, which resulted in her dislocating and fracturing her hock.

Fixator After receiving initial care from our vets in Atherton, the greyhound (Kate) was referred to Rutland House. As a result she underwent surgery, received medical attention and had a fixator attached to her leg for 6 weeks.

Kate was a patient with you for five days and during that time she received excellent care. Obviously we were distressed that she had suffered such an accident whilst in our care, but we knew at Rutland House she was in safe hands. It was reassuring to know that staff could be contacted at any time if we had any concerns, and it was a pleasure to deal with such friendly and approachable staff.

Also of major concern to us was the fact that, as we are a registered charity, funds are very limited. We are very grateful that you were able to take on this case at a reduced cost to ourselves.

katie We are pleased to say Kate has today had her fixator removed and is recuperating well with her foster family.

I have attached some before and after photos of Kate to this e mail.

Siobhan Hoppley
Makants Greyhound Rescue
Makants Farm
Mort Lane
M29 8PF

P.S. As a footnote I would like to add - We had a little difficulty at first remembering what Kate had attached to her leg, and would often refer to it as a 'fascinator'! With this in mind, we have also attached a photo of Kate complete with her 'fascinator'

Millie's Story

Hi Duncan and all the team,
We just wanted to send an official thank you for your amazing generosity in helping Maisie get better. We were all devastated when she became ill, not least because she is so full of life and character and the thought of her being in pain and unable to walk was unthinkable.
When it happened the second time, obviously the financial implications were huge and were it not for the kindness of you and all of the people involved in Maisie's care, things would have been extremely difficult for us.
However, the generosity you have all shown did not just save us from a financial hardship, it gave us back hope for our beautiful and 'sparky' little dog and her future. In addition, the care and dedication to every part of Maisie's treatment - from consultations, the actual operation and after care including constant phone calls to us to update us on her progress - was second to none.
It certainly made it easier for us when we left her, knowing that she was in such good hands. We trusted you implicitly that you would do your very best for Maisie.
Maisie continues to progress - I have attached a short video below, I thought you might like to see how far she has come. I think we have a long way to go, but she still remains the boss in our house and makes sure her presence is felt!
Thank you so much to you all from the very bottom of our hearts.

Kind regards.Mark, Jackie, Ben, Emily & Oliver McGrath

Mishka's Story

Our pro bono pet for July was a lovely, friendly husky cross called Mishka.

Mishka 12 weeks olds

Mishka had been referred for bilateral cruciate surgery. Mishka wasn't insured & owners could not get assistance from anywhere.

Mishka operation

Mishka has now had her left leg operated on & is a lot happier. She is due to have her right leg operated on soon.
Please take some time to watch Mishka's story

Milly's Story

"Milly, who has a skin condition, was seen by Sue Paterson at Rutland House Vets on their "pro bono scheme".


Sue Paterson explained everything clearly and was friendly and helpful as were the other staff I spoke to at Rutland House.

Milly skin condition

Their "pro bono scheme" is fantastic as it offers animals treatment that might not otherwise be possible.


I am very grateful to Sue Paterson and Rutland House Vets for offering Milly the chance and way to recovery from her condition.
Thank you
Mandy Jones

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Dobby's Story
Rutland House Customer Satisfaction

We have never met such compassionate people.
Duncan showed us great empathy & along with his professionalism he is a thoroughly decent human being.

Charlie, our Border Collie was a member of our family and as such was treated with exceptional care and respect. We were so fortunate to have been referred to Rutland House, St Helens as Charlie could not have had better care anywhere else.

All the staff should be commended on their caring and sympathetic attitudes and we would not go anywhere else.
John, Kaye & Emma Armstrong

Pro Bono Testimonials
Rutland House Customer Satisfaction
Mishka had been referred for bilateral cruciate surgery. Mishka wasn't insured & owners could not get assistance from anywhere.