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Laparoscopy Spey

A laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) is a minimal invasive surgical technique allowing a comfortable inspection of an entire abdominal cavity. Different surgical procedures can be performed under direct scope visualization and control including for example bitch spay, ectopic testicle removal or liver biopsy.

OE ligasure

The left ovary has been lifted and secured with the needle penetrating through the abdominal wall. An ovarian pedicle containing vascular supply is then nicely exposed. Vessel sealing forceps are advanced and fixed over the pedicle. The tissue can be separated after ovarian vascular supply has been sealed. This method allows fast and secure detachment of the ovarian tissue.

Ovarium Cysts

Multiple small cysts are seen on right ovary. The ovary is lying just behind the caudal pole of right kidney. The ovary can be lifted using a laparoscopy grasper to expose entire vascular supply (note typical torturous appearance of an ovarian artery)


Left ovary is nicely visible lying just behind caudal pole of left kidney. It can be easily checked for possible presence of any diseases. The forceps (laparoscopy grasper) is used to move or lift the ovary and the uterus.

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We have never met such compassionate people.
Duncan showed us great empathy & along with his professionalism he is a thoroughly decent human being.

Charlie, our Border Collie was a member of our family and as such was treated with exceptional care and respect. We were so fortunate to have been referred to Rutland House, St Helens as Charlie could not have had better care anywhere else.

All the staff should be commended on their caring and sympathetic attitudes and we would not go anywhere else.
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Rutland House Customer Satisfaction
Mishka had been referred for bilateral cruciate surgery. Mishka wasn't insured & owners could not get assistance from anywhere.