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Jan Beranek


Jan is an ECVS residency trained small animal surgeon and has trained with Ulrich Rytz (Bern, Switzerland) and Helmut Steger (Piding, Germany).
Jan has 12 years experience in referral small animal practice.
His particular areas of interest are:
Minimal Invasive & Endoscopic surgery, Laparoscopy, Arthroscopy and Thoracoscopy.

Jan Beranek graduated from Veterinary University Brno in 1994. He continued postgraduate studies at the Small Animal Surgery and Radiology Department at the same university for another three years. Jan joined the team of the first private referral clinic (Klinika Jaggy) in the Czech Republic and was working there as a surgeon till 2010.

He moved in the United Kingdom in December 2010 and began to work at Rutland House Referrals in St Helens. Since 1998 he spent weeks and months repeatedly at various universities and referral practices around the Europe (Bern, Bristol, Ghent, Vienna, Piding) improving his knowledge and professional skills in small animal surgery. He completed the ECVS training program under supervision of D. Lorinson, U. Rytz and H. Steger and has passed successfully two thirds of the board qualifying exam till February 2016.

Jan participated as a guest speaker in many national or international veterinary conferences; he has published in several veterinary journals. He is a leading author of two textbooks about orthopaedic radiology and thoracic radiology. His work is focused on arthroscopy and other endoscopy assisted surgical techniques, neurosurgery and soft tissue surgery.

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We have never met such compassionate people.
Duncan showed us great empathy & along with his professionalism he is a thoroughly decent human being.

Charlie, our Border Collie was a member of our family and as such was treated with exceptional care and respect. We were so fortunate to have been referred to Rutland House, St Helens as Charlie could not have had better care anywhere else.

All the staff should be commended on their caring and sympathetic attitudes and we would not go anywhere else.
John, Kaye & Emma Armstrong

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Rutland House Customer Satisfaction
Mishka had been referred for bilateral cruciate surgery. Mishka wasn't insured & owners could not get assistance from anywhere.